Geo-values of the natural monument Markovi Kuli near Prilep


  • Ivica Milevski Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Sciences, Skopje
  • Marjan Temovski Isotope Climatology and Environmental Research Centre, Institute for Nuclear Research, Debrecen
  • Sonja Lepitkova UGD, Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences, Štip



Markovi Kuli, geodiversity, weathering, protection


Located on the southwestern branches of Babuna Mountain, north of Prilep in North Macedonia is the Natural Monument Markovi Kuli – a geosite with an exceptional weathering landscape. It is a host to a vast variety of weathering landforms (boulders, pillars, weathering pits, tafoni, etc.), mainly due to the lithology where Proterozoic gneiss rocks are intruded by Late Paleozoic granitic rocks. In addition, landform development is also controlled by the local climate conditions. As a result of its geomorphological significance, in 2004 Markovi Kuli geosite was placed on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage, and in 2006 it was proclaimed as a Natural Monument, within the network of protected areas in Macedonia. However, despite its geodiversity being the cornerstone of its significance, not many geomorphological studies have been made so far. Considering that, and especially the necessity for the effective protection of the area, the results of the latest research are presented in this work.




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Milevski, I., Temovski, M., & Lepitkova, S. (2020). Geo-values of the natural monument Markovi Kuli near Prilep . Macedonian Journal of Ecology and Environment, 22(1), 45–58.