Review Process

The review process consists of the following steps:
  • Submission of the manuscript by e-mail (there is no online system for submission of the manuscripts).
  • Editorial board checks if the submitted manuscript is within the scope of MJEE. We also check for the general layout of the manuscript and especially the style of references provided, tables and figures. If necessary the manuscript will be returned to corresponding author for corrections.
  • The manuscript is sent to two independet reviewers. We kindly ask the reviewers to complete the review of the manuscripts in 28 days (4 weeks). However, the process may take longer depending on the availability of the reviewers and quality of the manuscript.
  • The decision of the reviewers and their suggestions are sent to the corresponding author. In some cases, reviewers may ask to review the manuscript again (in case when the manuscript requires major modifications).
  • After corrections are made by the author(s) the Editorial board checks for manuscript consistency (style) and rather improvements may be required.
  • Editorial board provides pre-publication version of the article to the corresponding author for final corrections.
  • On-line publication of the article.
  • Hard copy of the journal is published at the end of the calendar year.


    Acceptance rate in the last five years: 89,5%